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Green Corazon?

Green Corazon.


Just wanted to take a quick moment to appreciate Trebol this chapter


That is all. Carry on.


anyway lets talk about one piece whats your favorite arc and whats your favorite fight and whos your favorite character from that arc? 

Naming Dressrosa as my favorite arc so far. Even though it’s yet to reach conclusion and some people considered it to be extremely slow paced, I just love the many problems/conflicts going on in this arc and how they all are tied. Also, it has some nice characters and some nice character developments.

Is the favorite fight question from the same arc… I find anything involving Kyros is awesome though the result may not end satisfying (like when he decapitated Doflamingo but it ended up as merely puppet). Looking forward to his battle with Diamante. Also the Usopp vs Sugar (if that considered as a real fight). If different arc, I suppose it’s Fishman Island final battles with Straw Hat + Jinbe vs New Fishman Pirates.

My favorite character from Dressrosa arc probably is Kyros, or the whole Riku family, really.


He doesn’t like children

late night doodle
hm not in a good mood right now so hmm i doodled…


tfw ur sad and tired and bored and you havent drawn anything good in a while so you